Motoclassico - Classic motors, fresh apparel

We trust in gasoline, sticky tires and curvy roads. We love riding free, fast and to the fullest. We combined our passion for riding with our interest in garments and the result is the clothes you see today.

It all starts with a spark

Be it the spark that ignites the gasoline and starting a combustion or the quick flashback to that one time you rode your bike or drove your car in that special moment it mostly, starts with a spark.

For our part, that spark was years and years of riding and working with clothes and then finally combining them. We share the passion for speed and gasoline. For engines and art and we share the desire to pursue dreams.

Motoclassico is more than just clothing and t-shirts – it’s an idea that even the regular joe can compete and produce something we love without needing the big companies to do it. We’re a small company, built with blood, sweat and tears and we produce locally, print by print.

In Benzin Veritas

We believe in the power of speed and gasoline and we know times are changing and maybe it is inevitable but for now, we pray down to the gods of thunder and gasoline, kings of speed and demons of thrills!

Our belief is in giving you a goddamn good shirt. Sweet print, good fit and a fair price.